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1992 “Defense Planning Guidance” Draft Excerpts

This story from PBS/Frontline’s “The War Behind Closed Doors” highlights excerpts from Paul Wolfowitz’s then-controversial “Defense Planning Guidance” draft. Since then, many of the goals in the draft have become the hallmarks of the Bush foreign policy doctrine.

From the Frontline page:

The 46-page classified document circulated for several weeks at senior levels in the Pentagon. But controversy erupted after it was leaked to The New York Times and The Washington Post and the White House ordered then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney to rewrite it.

Three primary points from the draft:

� The number one objective of U.S. post-Cold War political and military strategy should be preventing the emergence of a rival superpower.

� Another major U.S. objective should be to safeguard U.S. interests and promote American values.

� If necessary, the United States must be prepared to take unilateral action.

Full story with key excerpts and quotes from the DPG draft

A professor at Yale has posted the full text of the Washington Post article from 1992, which includes much fuller excerpts from the DPG draft.

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